We are experienced working for the offshore projects. While handling those projects we used to find out several issues before delivering the project. It is tough to send all those changes to the team and it is more difficult to track all changes done or not. 0Task.com is a simple task management system which oblizes both the team member and the project manager to manage all tasks and issues easily. You can assign admin, manager, a general user (mainly who will work ) for a project. 0Task.com makes your life easier when you have several projects to manage and you have a team (Maybe all member are not in the same place). Moreover, you can give access to a client to monitor task progress and you can also manage the permission level of a client.

Oh, the reminder system of 0Task.com is very cool, it will make your whole team very active and accountable and can send them remainder of their work through automated mail.

In the end, this is a Free system, a gift from Royex Technologies to you. So enjoy it!

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