Top 10 Rules for all the Front End Designers

09 Sep 2016
Top 10 Rules for all the Front End Designers

The main job of the front end developer is to bring life to the code with the help of some amazingly design. There are not many people in this profession who have been able to earn what they dreamed of mainly due to the reason of it being one of the most challenging tasks in the modern world. To be successful, a front end developer needs to have a very particular set of skills that not everyone possesses. You will not be able to find many front end developers who would not make a single mistake from the start till the end of the project. If you are the one looking to get started in this field and are trying to look for some promising tips, then you are at the right place. So, let’s get started:

Graphics programs

It is quite rare that a project reaches its completion without encountering a single mistake. There are, however, more than one ways through which he can correct his mistakes. It is highly important that a professional front end developer should be comfortable in using professional graphic tools. He necessarily does not need to fix the issue by making use of anesthetic related tweaks but instead should make use of pro graphic program such as GIMP, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. to solve the problem.

Matched Design

Most of the front end developers are busy in trying to get the crowd’s attention by coming up with top of the line art. But little do they know is that is not worth it! Instead, they should be putting focus on matching his work with the design that he was provided. Meaning, that instead of working hard to come up with catchy checkmarks, he should gauge whether or not a checkmark would go with the overall design. He should look at the bigger picture and not the small portion of it!  


You do not need to be surprised because Typography really works with web design and as for this reason, you should spend some time and put some effort to understand the complete picture of typography and get command over it. To do that, you have multiple options; either you could go online to search about it or you simply could take a class. Whatever you do, make sure that you learn almost everything about it!

No to Tunnel Vision

Well, you need to understand this: Don’t waste your time on tunnel vision. Most of the front end developers do not realize that tunnel vision is one of the pitfalls that the easily fall into. You should not wasting your time in judging whether or not the checkmark that has been designed is attractive or not. Rather, you should focus that whether the checkmark you created is going to help the site in its overall performance and serve the purpose of its creation. You can do this by taking screenshots of the design files that you created and with it, you will be able to keep a check on the small details and integrate them into the big picture.


The Front End Developer designs for the eye, right? So who better can tell you about your work then your colleagues or superiors? Seek their advice and accept the criticism if there is any because that is the only way you will improve! 

Hierarchy and Relationship

It is important to keep a close eye on the design and make sure that it goes well with hierarchy. You should not be ignoring the questions like if the space between texts is enough of the text is really close to the title as it at the end can create a big impact. As a result, you should be making sure that the contrasting colors and the white space or the title goes well with each other.

Alignment and white space

As said before, it may sound little but “little drops of water make the mighty ocean”, is not it? Aesthetics can either make or break your website so choose wisely when you are creating one. You need to understand the importance of whitespaces and alignment and at the same time, you need to give attention to hierarchy, text spacing, Typography, paragraph spacing and basically everything that contributes to the site. 

Minimalistic designing

 If your mind is not coming up with a perfect picture of the web, then it is recommended to use minimal designing. It would not be wise to design so much and then end up cropping most of it. Be confident with what you are doing and design less but ensure that minimal design is enough to get the attention. 

Consult to save time

You know, most of the content that writers come up with at the start is discarded later; almost 90% of does not make it to the final paper. They keep on revising and fiddling with their work until they arrive on the final piece. This process kills a lot of time and energy simultaneously. So, what can be done in order to avoid it? The first trick is to work with someone who has gone with the similar approach as you are about to go or someone who has gone against it. This will help you in getting the feedback real time without any waste of time or energy.  


If you call yourself a professional front end developer; then you should have enough skills to put the design which was initially in your mind on the screen. All of the pro front end developers have the capability to match the original design till the last pixel. You can take help of a number of different tools to compare the original design with the end product. It is done by taking screenshots which are later pasted in the design file. Upon being pasted, it is compared to see any differences and upon finding it, adjustments and modifications are made.

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