Password-free login introduced by Royex Technologies

17 Feb 2016
Password-free login introduced by Royex Technologies

Today we have successfully tested our Password Free Login option. This is the thing we were looking for a long time.

Passwords are often the weakest part when it comes to securing users’ accounts, as many don’t use complex passwords or they reuse the same password across services.

Everyday we need to login our several sites only to manage those and it sometimes become hard to remember all passwords. Maximum time we were trying to keep a simple and same password which is not good for security.

Again if we place hard rule for password, it is also though to keep remember. In that case we try to write it down in some digital or paper notebook. This is also not safe policy. There are some software to store your password, this is just you are giving your system access to someone else.

Two-factor authentication – like using a USB stick with a secret token or entering in a code sent via text method to your phone – can help to increase security, but many users also find this to be a hassle as it introduces an additional step to the login process.

As far as our information, Google was planning to introduce it on december , 2015. They already invited some tester to test the system but still it is not rolling out to the public.

This new password-free login option, on the other hand, is about speeding up logins by offering a different way of signing in altogether.

The process of login is very simple. You only have to enter your email address when you’re signing into any of our system (At this moment available on Woops CMS and Woops EMS). Afterward, a email or sms will appear with a 4 digit security code.  asking you if you’re trying to sign in from another device. Place the security code on the site and you’re in.

Front side it looks very simple but to make it more secure login we have added several module to process the system.

Some benefit of using Password-Free login:

  • No hassle to remember tough password
  • No one can use your access without your permission
  • Password is not stored, so no worry for data loss
  • Security code is automatically invalid after first login. So no one can use it second time.

At this moment we are rolling out this features to all our system but still we are keeping the old traditional login process.

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